Wen Ken Group: Driving Pharmathrough Continuous Innovation and Excellence

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Wen Ken Group: Driving Pharmathrough Continuous Innovation and Excellence

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Built upon the values of gratitude, empathy, and trustworthiness, Wen Ken Group is an 83-year old family-owned group of companies that has been delivering value to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Over the years, the group has achieved several milestones in terms of R&D, production, marketing, and contract manufacturing of traditional Chinese medicine, over-the-counter medicines, and cosmetics. The pharma giant also has to its name brand such as Three Legs Brand, which has become a household name in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. At the heart of the group’s success is its ability to remain diligent and consistent in maintaining high operating standards and meeting compliance requirements. With such dedication to quality, the group has remained focused on its purpose of providing affordable ailment remedies to the masses.

From conceptualization to commercialization of pharmaceutical products, Wen Ken Group’s well-equipped, automated facilities and specialized teams meet every need of the clients efficiently, providing a holistic approach to manufacturing solutions. Having assisted in registering more than 1,000 products in the market, the group serves an extensive clientele ranging from pharmaceutical companies to health and beauty chains located in Malaysia, Singapore, and across the world.

“We have a professional team of experts, including pharmacists, chemists, biochemists, food technologists, and microbiologists, who come together to create a safe and effective formula,” says Mr. Fu Shou Jeen, Group Executive Director of Wen Ken Group. Through its in-house laboratory, the group conducts comprehensive tests on both the raw materials and finished products for the maximum safety of the consumers. Additionally, it has employed specialized professional teams to oversee the end-to-end production processes, from material sourcing to meticulous quality checks of the finished products.
As a value-add, Wen Ken Group assists clients in product registration by working with the Ministry of Health in their respective countries. The company is also actively participating as a trade representative in the ASEAN Harmonization Roadmap.

Unlike its competitors, Wen Ken Group believes in improving continuously and challenging the status quo with new strategies. Committed to hygiene and quality control, the group’s manufacturing facilities operate on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. In fact, the group operates one of the largest GMP plants in South-East Asia. Besides, it has earned Halal Pharmaceuticals certification for its operating procedures and produced items. “Certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), we are effectively meeting the rising demand for halal products, especially for oral intake pharmaceuticals, in the Asia region,” says Mr. Fu. With such credence and hold over regulatory compliance in the region, Wen Ken Group advises its clients with their international exports. For instance, Wen Ken Group helped a leading Pan-Asian retail company in their export operations, helping the client comply with the regulations set by the government and related authorities in Malaysia and other countries. With growing market expectations, Wen Ken Group persists in being innovative by modernizing its facilities and enhancing the speed and capacity of its fully automated machinery.

The spectacular journey that Wen Ken Group has had wouldn’t have been possible without a strong culture. Rightly so, the group believes in breaking the racial barrier by adopting a policy to recruit candidates from diverse racial backgrounds. The group’s core values not only bind the team together but also guide it with the right attitude in dealing with clients.

Wen Ken Group’s energy and vision reflects in its three-legged emblem, which depicts the home run that the company has scored through successful organizational transformations through the years. Keeping up the momentum, Wen Ken Group looks to grow its OEM business and expand its capabilities using automation in the next five years.
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Fu Siang Jeen, Group Managing Director Fu Shou Jeen, Group Executive Director Chris Lim, Group BusinessDirector Liu Yeow Lee, Assistant General Manager Young Siew Wah, Chief Pharmacist

An 83-year old family-owned group of companies thathelps pharma companies develop efficient products through its expertise in R&D, production, marketing, and contract manufacturing of traditional Chinese medicine, over-the-counter medicines, and cosmetics.

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