Bushu Pharmaceuticals: Quality Manufacturing of All Things Biotech

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Bushu Pharmaceuticals: Quality Manufacturing of All Things Biotech

Masayuki Suzuki, Vice president, Bushu PharmaceuticalsMasayuki Suzuki, Vice president
When western companies have established themselves in their respective regions, the Asian markets—with their large, untapped consumer base—hold tantalizing opportunities for business expansion. Japan, with one of the healthiest economies in the world, is a prime target for these expanding companies. However, launching into an unfamiliar market always poses tricky obstacles to surmount—Japan’s being a demographic that accepts nothing but the highest quality in products. As one of the leading CMOs in Japan, Bushu Pharmaceuticals has a vast experience spanning 20 years in launching multinational clients into the Japanese market. With Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certifications in 43 countries and more than 67 accumulated commercial customers, Bushu is the go-to CMO for any international pharmaceutical company aspiring to expand its products into the land of the rising sun.

An increase in outsourcing from overseas clients to contract manufacturing companies has expanded the CMO arena in Japan. Especially when brand new biotech products are on the cusp of being launched into the Japanese market, Bushu orchestrates the formulation, visual inspection, packaging, and storing of these products. The company has evolved its marketing strategy to cover all things biotech. Bushu’s visual inspection of these products not only assures that they meet the expected Japanese cosmetic quality but also the expected product longevity. Its product capabilities mainly center on the solid dosage of drugs such as granules, tablets, ampoules, and more. As for packaging capabilities are concerned, Bushu provides specialized services in primary and secondary packaging such as strip and stick packaging, auto-injectors, and pre-filled syringes. “We aim to expand our services to packaging medical devicesafter acquiring licenses for the same,” adds Masayuki Suzuki, Vice president of Bushu Pharmaceuticals.
As a staunch follower of the Kaizen philosophy, Bushu continuously improves all its functions and involves all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers in its processes.Uponpartnering with the client, Bushu employs its project management sequence to target pain points based on the formulation, packaging, and analytical tests of drugs. “We appoint a dedicated project lead who serves as an intermediary for each project member and the client throughout the technical transfer phase,” says Suzuki. Since most injectable biotech products require precisely temperature-controlled environments for storage, Bushu provides clients with cold warehouse storage facilities that can store over 500 pallets at 2-8°C. The company also offers its c-GMP formulation and packaging services to help clients flourish in the rapidly growing Animal Health Products (AHP) market.

An excellent case highlighting the value of Bushu’s myriad of services was when the company helped a client who faced urgency in their demand forecast. The forecast spiked up to be four times higher than it previously was, and left the client in a pinch where the supply could not meet the demand. Bushu quickly stepped in at this juncture and provided its manufacturing services to increase the packaging process capabilities of the client to meet the rising demand. While it helped the client solvethe crisis at hand, Bushu also proactively assessed all the clients’ manufacturing processes in case of an emergency breakdown. Upon investigating the lead times to order machine parts, Bushu pre-purchased the parts that had a longer lead time to meet any further rise in demand preemptively. “We are also starting a new service for the Asia-Pacific region from Japan, on behalf of global clients. It would free them from multiple work loads of lead time, temperature and security management, inventory, and packaging caused by a wide variety of markets,” says Suzuki when referring to the company’s new venture, aptly named ‘Gateway to Asia’.

Bushu Pharmaceuticals makes sure that every client meets the three Zero’s of the Japanese market—Zero foreign matters in the product, Zero damage to the product, and Zero missing components in the packaging. Its high skilled visual inspections of the product and the processing equipment ensure that the Japanese populace gets only the best quality international products.
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Bushu Pharmaceuticals

Kawagoe, Japan

Masayuki Suzuki, Vice president

Bushu Pharmaceuticals is one of the best strategic partners for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, providingservices that range from the early development stage to the commercial production of pharmaceuticals. Bushu Pharmaceuticals started as a contract manufacturing organization for pharmaceuticals and clinical samples in 1999. Now, it provides solid support to companies with its wealth of experiences. As a global CDMO, the Bushu Pharmaceuticals Group becomes the customers’ partner, and helps them realize all their strategies and plans with the world-class technologies in its commitment to better human health with its value proposition.

Bushu Pharmaceuticals